There is a construct in wellness about healing and being healed. but There is no such thing. We are all always working with ourselves.

Death is a requirement of life. Grief is a catalyst for growth.

Constructive discussions around death and grief are rare. Individuals and communities are often left with a sense of uncertainty and fear around how to communicate and connect with these topics. Why is it taboo to bring up our feelings? Why is vulnerability seen as a weakness? How would the fabric of society shift if we could openly discuss taboo topics such as death and grief? How would that impact our collective mental health?

Post Service is a mental health studio dedicated to addressing this reality through art, design, mindfulness, and wellness techniques. Art and design serve as forms of nonverbal communication; quirky creatures that are so authentically themselves that the observer has no choice but to access a facate of their own authenticity. Our studio is a mindfully designed container for difficult discussions and personal growth.

All private sessions and group workshops are run by Xanthippi de Vito, MS. She holds a Master of Science in health coaching and applied nutrition, and certifications as an end-of-life doula and grief support specialist.